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Quantitative Risk Assessment Report for Zishan Bardi LNG Storage and Re-gasification Station

Gujarat gas Ltd. is setting up LNG storage & regasification (satellite) station along with LCNG dispensing facilities in Thane (Maharashtra), which will make LCNG fueling system (Natural Gas)/ R-LNG (Regasified Liquefied Natural Gas) available in Thane and pave the path for clean energy in the form of PNG/CNG to various domestic as well as commercial consumers in the area.

QRA involves identification of scenarios, collection of data, and then carrying out the modelling. Most of the data here was identified with the help of P&ID, Plot plan and other data provided by client.

As part of the QRA study, hazard scenarios were identified for the project facility and consequence analysis was carried out using DNV PHAST software version 7.2. The risk analysis was carried out using DNV SAFETI software version 7.2 to obtain risk results in the form of contours.

The major challenges were to collect the deficit data with client. And communicating the isolatable sections to their understanding. But at iFluids Engineering, our experienced team managed to communicate the requirements and collect with same from client without any hassle.

Zishan Bardi LNG Storage and Re - gasification station Plan
Zishan Bardi LNG Storage and Re - gasification station Plan

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