Surge/ Transient Analysis For The Proposed LPG Blending And LPG Bottling Plant Facilities, Qatar Petroleum

Kentz Engineering International WLL, which is part of SNC Lavalin (hereafter shall be referred to as CONTRACTOR/KEI) has been awarded CONTRACT from QATAR PETROLEUM (hereafter shall be referred to as COMPANY/QP) to carry out “Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) for new LPG Bottling plant project in Ras Laffan under umbrella consultancy contract.

iFluids Engineering and Consultancy WLL was awarded the project for “Surge/ Transient Analysis for the proposed LPG blending and LPG bottling plant facilities”.

The purpose of Transient / Surge study & analysis is,

  1. To ascertain the maximum & minimum pressure prevailing in the proposed LPG pipeline, C3 and C4 piping during transient upset conditions for various scenarios.
  2. To confirm the design pressure of the selected pipe material specification for the piping and pipeline systems.
  3. To recommend the minimum design requirements to avoid pressure surge in proposed piping and pipeline system based on the outcomes of surge analysis.
  4. To provide maximum surge force / time history at key locations identified by piping & pipeline discipline for stress analysis load / amplitude.
  5. To provide the surge mitigation measures, when the surge pressure exceeds the system design pressure.