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Surge Analysis for Tata Steel Limited (TSL) at Naomundi,Jharkhand -  FLSmidth LIMITED

Iron ore tailings thickened slurry transfer pipeline is a slope pipeline of 18” dia of 7 meters length (Pump Suction), 14” dia of 33 meters length (Pump Discharge) and 10” dia of 1210 meters transporting Iron ore tailings thickened slurry.

The purpose of this study is, 

  • To develop steady state model and perform Hydraulic study of Iron ore tailings thickened slurry transfer pipeline.
  • Perform Transient Analysis and estimation of surge pressure for Export Pipelines due to sudden pump trip and closure of suction/discharge/pipeline valves.
  • To provide surge mitigation measures, when the surge pressure exceeds the maximum allowable surge pressure. 
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