Sub sea Pipeline Stability Study & Surge Analysis

Vedanta Limited (Cairn Oil & Gas) is the Operator of the Rajasthan License Block RJ-ON- 90/1 in the State of Rajasthan, India. Vedanta Limited (VL) installed crude oil tanks at Bhogat terminal to export neat crude oil to coastal refineries.

The scope of work is to carry out a comprehensive Surge Analysis for the inlet crude oil pipelines of the 4 (four) Tank Farms including the delivery pipelines of all the installations connected with the tank farms.

The study of surge analysis is to be carried out to provide the following details:

  1. The surge phenomenon in the pipeline system / Pipeline Network of Central Tank Farm, Duliajan; Central Tank Farm, Moran; Intermediate Tank Farm, Tengakhat; Secondary Tank Farm, Madhuban.
  2. The risks level associated.
  3. Required Mitigation measures.
  4. The surge that will be generated due to ROSOV Closure and starting and stopping of pumps in the Installations which are pumping crude oil to respective Tank Farms and the mitigation measures.