Quantitative Risk Assessment(QRA)and Fire & Gas Mapping Study for Hengyuan Refining Company

The Hengyuan Refining Company Berhad (HRC) operates the Port Dickson (PD) Refinery, which is located approximately 2 km from the town of Port Dickson in the state of Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Following HIJAU project, HRC has embarked on this project to upgrade its existing Hydro-Desulphuriser-2 unit (HDS-2) to produce Euro-5 Gasoil specification with less than 10ppmw sulphur. Various process equipment such as Feed charge pumps, condensate injection pump, injection skids, lubricity injection packages etc have been considered as the scope of study.

iFluids’ Subject matter experts have been entrusted in carrying out the QRA and F&G Mapping for the project.

The QRA study is carried out to identify major hazards and loss of containment scenarios, based on which physical effects of failure case scenarios are calculated to estimate fire results such as Jet Fire, Pool Fire, Flash fire and/or Overpressure Explosion. These results are then used to estimate any potential risks and to ensure the mitigation of risk can be consistent with the ALARP principle according to the UK HSE risk acceptance criteria. Based on the risk assessment, risk reducing measures are recommended to ensure all risks are within the ALARP or Acceptable range.

Fire and gas detector mapping studies gives an objective analysis of detector layouts to support the design method and optimize the amount of detectors required to satisfy coverage targets. The coverage target scenarios considered for this project were:

  • Class A product handling areas in the Hengyuan Refining Company for some of the equipment’s in HDS-2 Unit is covered for the Fire and Gas Mapping Study.
  • The dispersion pattern from the software (Phast 8.22) was analysed to identify the location and mounting height of the detectors. An overall Gas detection layout plan was provided using the 3D modelling software.
  • F&G Study suggests the location, type and number of detectors that needs to be installed across various areas.