QRA Study for Asian Paints Vizag plant

Asian Paints Limited is a worldwide paint manufacturer. The company manufactures, sells, and distributes paints, coatings, home furnishings, bathroom fixtures, and other services. In India, the company has around 10 Paint manufacturing Plants in which Vizag Plant is one among them. Recently, the company has expanded its Vizag plant located at Rambili Mandal Village, Visakhapatnam District, Andhra Pradesh for effective production. iFluids Engineering has been awarded to carry out QRA study for the same.

Based on information available, the assessment will be centered on the risks that could arise during project operations. The scope of work is associated with polymer block facility of Asian Paints Limited Vizag Plant.

The primary goal of this study is to assess the potential danger levels for workers due to accidental dispersion of hazardous materials from the facilities in loss of containment scenarios and to prove that individual risks are under the broadly acceptable region. The objective of QRA is as follows:

  • Recognition of Risks and Significant Loss of Containment (LOC) Events
  • Estimation of Jet Fire, Pool Fire heat radiation distances, Flammable Gas Dispersion distances, and Overpressure Explosion distances are only a few examples of the physical impacts of failure case scenarios that can be calculated. Evaluation of Failure Frequency
  • Estimating the potential loss of life and quantifying societal risk
  • Confirm that risk can be decreased in accordance with the ALARP principle by conducting a risk assessment.
  • Recommendation of Risk Reducing Measures to Ensure that All Risks Are in ALARP or in Acceptable Region.

Phast and Safeti are well-known, proven, and frequently utilized software tool in oil, gas, and chemical sectors, they were chosen for this investigation. The following is a description of the methods used for the same.

In order to meet the objective of assessment, potential scenarios have been identified, assessed and the likelihood and consequences related to potential accidental releases occurring in the facility have been presented. Further, based on the results from the assessment, appropriate recommendations have been provided as a risk mitigating measures.

Location Specific Individual Risk Per Annum

The probability that in one year a person will become a victim to an accident if the person remains permanently and unprotected in a certain location. At various sites near a particular site, the individual risk varies.

Among the Risk Ranking location considered for the study all risk ranking locations comes under the ACCEPTABLE region.

Individual Risk for the people          

Independent of population size, the Individual Risk (IR) provides a measurement of the risk that will be applicable to each location (in this example, each region typically).

It is concluded from the study that the Individual risk for the Offsite Population considered for the study falls under the ACCEPTABLE region.

Societal Risk

The Societal Risk gives the relationship between frequency and the number of people suffering from a specified level of harm in a given population from the realization of specified hazards. It is concluded from the study that the societal risk for the overall population considered for the study falls under the ACCEPTABLE region.