Fire Water System Adequacy Study At PHBPL & PHBPL Haldia Station And PHBPL Bolpur Station

Hydraulic analysis refers to the technologies to measure, analyze and investigate the water current, water quantity, water pressure and other items in water pipes, pipelines and rivers, etc. In firewater systems, hydraulic analysis is carried out on the basis of an adequacy check on the firewater system, includes fire water pumps capacity, headers size, sprinklers, hydrant, monitor etc., in order to meet the required firewater demand including the additional demand if any, due to compliance to latest statutory codes i.e. OSID 117,214,244.

iFluids Engineering has been entrusted to carry out the hydraulic analysis of the existing and proposed extension of the fire water network at PHBPL & PHDPL Halia and PHBPL- Bolpur.

The fire water network at PHBPL & PHDPL Haldia and PHBPL – Bolpur, has been designed to meet the requirement of OISD-STD-117 (latest edition) & OISD 214.  It must also satisfy the maximum fire water demand flow rate considered,  at all the locations as per OISD-117 & OISD-214 and has to be sized for 120 % of the design flow rate. To check the adequacy of this fire water network, hydraulic analysis is carried out.

This study identifies & recommends the changes required in the fire water system, to achieve compliance to the latest applicable  statutory code i.e. OSID 117,214,244.