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Fire Safety Audit

The purpose of Fire and safety auditing is to carry out a systematic, critical study on all potential fire hazards by identifying potential fire, explosion hazards and risks in premises and suggest appropriate preventive measures. They also makes sure the companies fully satisfy the legal requirements required by them.

 The main benefits of fire safety audits are as follows:

  • All the staffs will be aware of the safety procedures.
  • People working in high hazardous conditions can be identified.
  • Existing control measures can be evaluated.
  • Determine whether new control measures are necessary.
  • Up keeping and testing of all fire safety equipment and precautions


The basic methodology for fire safety auditing is as follows.

  1. Site visit by the auditing team.
  2. All The layout, plans, of the premise is studied.
  3. Facility’s firefighting equipments are evaluated.
  4. The training and awareness of the employees evaluated.
  5. Recommendations and corrective actions needed are discussed.
  6. If necessary, follow-up actions are taken by the team.


  • National Building Code (NBC) of India 2016
  • IS 8758:1993
  • The Factories Act,
  • The Petroleum Act
  • THE CEA Regulation
  •  IS-14489-1998 code on occupational Safety and Health Audit.
  • OSID standards
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