Fire Envelope study for Pentane bullets including its product ROVs & its other connected pipelines of GAIL Petrochemical Complex at Vijaipur

GAIL is presently operating 5 Gas Processing Units (GPUs) located at Vijaipur (2 Units), Pata, Gandhar & Vaghodia for production of LPG and other Liquid Hydrocarbon (LHC) products. GAIL also operates an integrated petrochemical complex at Pata (U.P.) for the production of Polymer along with associated Liquid products. The Vijaipur plant is located at a distance of about 190 Kms from Bhopal and 260 Kms from Indore and handles products such as LPG, Propane, Pentane, Naphtha. The plant has a production capacity of 557 KTA and contains 5 pentane bullets. The total storage capacity of all 5 pentane bullets is 940 KL.

Conducted Fire envelope study for the pentane bullets in petrochemical complex.

The main objective is to carry out Fire envelope study for the pentane bullet ROVs and its connecting pipe lines. In order to meet the objective of the study, potential scenarios were identified, evaluated and the chances of consequences related to potential accidental releases occurring in the facility were exhibited. The fire envelope study was carried out with the following objectives:

  • To discover the Major Hazards and Loss of Containment (LOC) scenarios
  • To compute the physical effects of failure case scenarios which includes Estimation of fire results such as Jet Fire, Pool Fire and Flash Fire alongside with Overpressure Explosion.
  • To identify the passive fire protection requirement zone.
  • To recommend suitable passive fire protection to ROVs and connecting lines which are under fire zone.

The Fire envelope study results provided recommendations for fire proofing to ensure all ROVs and connecting lines, which were reviewed and accepted by Gail India Limited, Vijaipur.