Fire and Gas Mapping Study – Creation of New Surface Facilities at Anklav Cambay Asset of ONGC

The Cambay Asset, located about 80km from Vododara city, is the oil producing field in the assets of Anklav, Kathana, Padra, Akholjuni etc. Presently the well fluid from these fields are processed in GGS Akholjuni, GGS Kathana and GGS Padra.

Anklav field roughly produces 1200 barrels of oil per day. The manifold is provided with 15 stubs of 4” size and 5 stubs of 8” size. The well-fluid is collected in storage tanks located at well sites / clusters and transported to Kathana GGS via tankers.

As part of the Anklav field development, ONGC is intent to create surface facilities to collect and process the Anklav wells at the Anklav well pad.

iFluids Engineering has been entrusted to carry out the Fire and Gas Mapping study for the hydrocarbon product handling areas in the New Surface Facilities at Anklav Field of Cambay Asset.

The objectives of the F & G Mapping study for New Surface Facilities at Anklav Field of Cambay Asset were:

  • To identify all potential hazards that will lead to flammable gas release or ignition.
  • Determine the characteristics of likely gas release by modelling the physical effect and consequently quantify the extent of hazardous scenarios on the project facilities.
  • Propose new fire and gas detection arrangements.

The Fire and Gas Mapping Study provided the following results:

  • The dispersion pattern from the software (PHAST 8.22) was analyzed to identify the location and mounting height of the detectors. Further, an overall 2D Gas detection layout plan was provided using the AutoCAD software.
  • The F&G Study suggested the location, type and number of detectors that needs to be installed across various areas.