Fire and Gas Mapping Study at Manmad Terminal

YOKOGAWA India Limited intends to carry out Gas Detection Review Study for Manmad terminal of Indian Oil Corporation Limited, Manmad, Maharashtra.

The Fire and Gas Mapping Study has been carried out based on OISD standards.

Probable failure and leak scenarios in Manmad Terminal were identified and dispersion of flammable Hydrocarbon (HC) gas leaks in different leak orientation and wind directions were analyzed using PHAST 8.22 dispersion analysis.

The optimum location and mounting height of the Fire and Gas detectors are identified based on the flammable gas footprints evaluated by the simulation software. 3D model of the areas of interest such as Product tanks and Pumps was developed as 3D objects in the Detect 3D software. The study was carried out using Scenario based and geographic based approach.