ERDMP Study in Prayagraj Outer of IOAGPL 

The purpose of this work is to create a PNGRB-compliant emergency response and disaster management plan for the BHADOHI –KAUSHAMBI AND PARAYAGRAJ Outer Site.


This document was made on the guidelines of Emergency Response and Disaster Management Plan as per PNGRB regulations. As per the regulations a quantitative risk assessment of IOAGPL Bhadohi-Kaushambi and Prayagraj Outer has been carried out and the risk is benchmarked against the PNGRB individual risk acceptance criteria to define the tolerability of the risk. The tolerability of the risk decides the actions to be taken in the event of any emergency. The document is prepared in line with the PNGRB regulation which defines and specifies roles and responsibilities, classification of Emergencies coordination within and outside agencies etc. The document is strictly in compliance with the PNGRB regulation and no deviation from the guideline or plan is permitted.


It has become vital for all industries to develop “Emergency Response and Disaster Management Plans” to enable them to meet any undesired eventuality. Disaster management has assumed added significance after the catastrophic happenings at Flixborough, Bhopal, Mexico, and Chernobyl etc. Indeed, some of the disasters in the recent past have brought out glaring inadequacies in the management systems to respond to a disaster situation to effectively control and minimize the loss of lives and property. The ERDMP will guarantee the construction of a system that would make the best possible use of our resources for rapid catastrophe containment while preserving the health and safety of people, employees, and residents in the area, as well as limiting damage to property and the environment. 

The goal of this ERDMP is to identify emergencies that could occur during routine IOAGPL operations and recommend mitigation measures to reduce and eliminate the risk of disaster, develop plans for actions to take when emergencies or disasters occur, and keep prepared the responses that mobilize the necessary emergency services, including responders (primary, secondary, and tertiary), like Fire service, Police service, Medical service, including ambulance, Government, as well as other emergency services. Also included in this is post-disaster recovery, which aims to return the afflicted area to its pre-disaster state.


IOAGPL Bhadohi-Kaushambi and Prayagraj Outer had appointed iFluids Engineering to carry out QRA study of the CGD Network and Related facilities including retail outlets. After the risk assessment of the facility, the risk posed by each event is benchmarked against PNGRB individual risk acceptance criteria. As per the risk analysis report, the Individual Risk posed by the pipeline is less than 10-6/year. As per PNGRB guidelines, risk equal to or less than 10-6/year is broadly acceptable and the risk is considered to be negligible. Normal precautions shall be maintained in the installation to have safe operations. The benchmarking also gives significance of the value and actions needed to be taken as per the guideline.

This ERDMP has been prepared so that IOAGPL is always equipped with all the necessary infrastructure, contact details, resources and information to handle and control the emergency, however low is the probability of occurrences.

Same has been designed with following objectives:

  • To lessen harm done to the public, property, and environment and to avoid both on-site and off-site casualties
  • To establish a high level of preparedness (equipment, personnel), commensurate with the danger, and to develop a state of readiness for a quick and orderly response to an emergency
  • To provide incident management organogram with clear missions and lines of authority (incident command system, field supervision, unified command), roles & responsibilities and action plans for various emergencies
  • To ensure orderly and timely decision making and response processes (notification, standard operating procedures, etc.)

The ultimate objective is to effectively contain the crisis by appropriate mitigation measures at the scene of the incident, warnings to residents of nearby impacted communities, rapid rescue and medical assistance to affected individuals, and communication with civil authorities for bringing in outside assistance.

A joint venture between Indian Oil Corporation and Adani Gas Ltd, Indian Oil Adani Gas Private Limited, supplies compressed natural gas (CNG) to the automobile industry as well as piped natural gas (PNG) to households, businesses, and industries. The PNGRB has given IOAGPL permission to develop its city gas distribution network in a number of different geographic areas.

Indian Oil-Adani Gas Pvt. Ltd. (IOAGPL), Bhadohi-Kaushambi and Prayagraj Outer has 7 Online stations, 10 Daughter Booster stations in various locations of Outer Allahabad. 

The following categories are used to group the CNG stations:

  • Online Stations
  • Mother Stations
  • Daughter Booster Stations
  • Daughter Stations

Indian Oil-Adani Gas Pvt. Ltd has an extensive network of natural gas distribution pipeline network in Outer Allahabad covering the automobile fuel stations, residential, commercial and industrial distribution and DRS. The pipeline network is provided with SV stations at regular distances.