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Electrical Safety Audit

Electrical safety audit examines the electrical installations in an area. These audits are done by experienced professionals, they approve reports regarding the electrical appliances inside the facility into consideration. After evaluation, recommendation to improve the protection of the facility will be provided.

Typical scope of study

  • Carry out a practice to spot the errors in Electrical System.
  • Verification of statutory compliance with reference to Central Electricity Authority/Indian Electricity Rules/other legal requirements of Electrical Safety
  • Identification of Electrical hazards (shock, fire hazards.) and their controls.
  • Evaluation of plant lightning protection system.
  • Safe Maintenance of Electrical Equipment.


  • Audit Planning.-planning about the onsite activities, guidelines, procedures about the actual audit is done here.
  • Audit opening meetings- Here the main auditor have a discussion with the manager of the facility. The aim is to make sure the collected knowledge (existing installation details) received by the auditing team is correct.
  • Audit Scope-This completely depends on the specific demand of the consumer.
  • Risk classification-On the basis of auditing the team gives a risk classification, according to that, the duration within which the organization should make the changes is specified.
  • Physical Inspection-Site visit is done.
  • Document Review the team reviews all the documents comprehensively for the assessment of the facility, like equipment drawings, policies, other safety reviews of the facility, and test records of various equipment.
  • Audit Closing Conferences auditing team meets and discuss their findings and recommendations with the facility staff.
  • Final Report Submission- the report can have all the findings by team and their recommendations.
Electrical Safety Audit Methodology


The auditing record should have the following points covered.

  • Overview of Electrical system
  • Observations and recommendations
  • Lightning Protection System evaluation
  • Electrical Hazards and control measures
  • Hazardous Area- Observations & Recommendations
  • Review of Electrical Accidents and control measures
  • Review of fire Hazards and Protection Measures
  • Electrical Maintenance Review
  • Review of Electrical test Records & test Procedures
  • Annexure (References/Guidelines)

Standards Adopted

To the extent possible the Electrical and Fire Safety audit will follow all applicable standards (national and international), such as:

• IS 14489, Code of Practice of Occupational Health & Safety Audits .

• Good engineering practices followed in similar establishments.

• National Building Code, 2015

• NFPA (applicable codes to Fire Safety)

  • CEA (measures relating to Safety and Electrical Supply) Regulations 2010
  • Various Indian Standard (BIS)-Electrical.
Electrical Safety Audit

ICICI Bank Ltd.

Client Location

Chennai, India


Electrical Safety Audit & Thermography for ICICI Bank Cenotaph Road Branch


Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL)

Client Location

Andra Pradesh, India


Electrical Safety Audit for Vishaka, Rajahmundry and Vijaywada Pipeline Spread.


Carnival Cinemas

Client Location

Mumbai, India


Electrical & Fire Safety Audit Report


Gail (India) Limited

Client Location

Vijaipur, Madhya Pradesh


External Safety Audit at Compressor stations & pipeline sections

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