Dispersion Analysis for N-ethylene glycol pipelines at IOCL Paradip Refinery

IOCL Paradip Refinery is the 11th refinery setup by IOCL. It is located near Pradeep sea beach in the state of Odisha.

N-ethylene glycol pipelines have been setup near the refinery complex and dispersion analysis needs to done for these.

For this, the scenarios were identified, input data was taken from the layout and P&IDs. Once the scenario identification was done, the input sheet request was made and it was then sent for getting complete data.

The data was received and the dispersion analysis was done. This required modelling and generation of results. Since it is just dispersion analysis, no risk modelling was done. After completion of study reports were shared.

There were 2 major challenges in bringing this project to an end;

The first one is modelling with N-Ethylene glycol is unusual and it requires many additional parameters than traditional modelling which can be a hassle. But we at iFluids managed it fluently with out experienced team having vast exposure to scenarios like this.

The second one being the communication with client. Since N-Ethylene glycol is not a usual petroleum product which is being pumped in pipelines, there is a myth floating around that there cannot be a scenario where a overpressure explosion might happen. And communicating this to client seemed like a challenge since they argued this is not a Gasoline or HSD pipeline, scenario like this is totally mythical. But upon, giving a clear idea about overpressure scenario, out team was able to make this understand and complete the project.

IOCL Paradip Refinery Complex