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Carrying Out Fire water Network Adequacy Survey And Providing Concrete Modifications

Konkan LNG Limited (KLL) is a Joint Venture company, promoted by GAIL(I) Limited and NTPC Limited. KLL operates an LNG Regassification facility, At Post-Anjanwel, Taluka-Guhagar, Dist. Ratnagiri, PIN 415634, Maharashtra, India. LNG is unloaded into storage tanks and then regsassified and supplied to M/s GAIL (I) Limited.

Scope include study of present fire water system in Konkan LNG Limited (KLL), Dabhol. KLL terminal & Jetty to identify the changes required in the system to achieve compliance to applicable latest statutory codes (i.e. OISD-STD-194, OISD-STD-156, PNGRB Technical standard for LNG etc.) for fighting two simultaneous fires. The scope shall cover the following, but should not be limited to:

  • Changes required in the existing fire water system to comply latest statutory codes requirement.
  • Consultant shall identify various options for achieving compliance to statutory codes, and do comparative cost benefit analysis of different options for implementation of the requirement ‘Efficacy of fire water system to meet water demand for fighting two major fire in the terminal including jetty for four hours’ in most cost-effective way. The study should cover but not limited to followings:
    • Fire water calculation for considering two largest fire scenarios in KLL LNG Terminal including jetty as per relevant standards OISD/PNGRB.
    • Checking of the existing fire water network considering double fire contingency simultaneously.
    • Preparation of overall fire water layout drawing based on PIPENET analysis.
    • The adequacy/ inadequacy of existing network shall be practically demonstrated at site considering minimum two worst fire contingencies.
    • Checking/ review of the adequacy of existing fire water network as per OISD-STD-194,156 & PNGRB Technical standard for LNG.
    • Complete hydraulic check of the network based on site visit and assessment of the changes required for implementation and any requirement of modifications shall also be indicated on the overall plot plan.
    • Kick-off-meeting shall be held at KLL admin office and consultant will collect drawings & data required for study and one meeting shall be held to discuss & finalize the report.
  • The fire water storage and pumping capacity shall be checked w.r.t applicable codes (e.g. OISD, PNGRB) and requirement, if any shall be indicated.
  • Generation of the hydraulic/ flow summery indicating flow & pressure in the line.
  • Generation of process datasheet for recommendation equipment such as pump/ tanks/ hydrants/monitors/ sprinklers/ fire water header etc.
  • Updated drawings indicating changes & new facilities will be prepared by consultant.
  • The consultant shall study and propose changes required in existing firewater system. Study shall cover checking adequacy of present fire water piping system to ensure minimum pressure requirement at all points of uses of fire water.
  • If present piping and fire water reservoir is inadequate, then consultant shall explore various options and propose most cost effective and feasible solution. Consultant shall do detailed engineering of all changes required with respect to fire water pumping system including piping and fire water storage for being compliant to all codes.
  • Based on studies, the consultant shall propose probable cost effective recommendations for all element of the subsystem, e.g. sea water/ filter water system, different options of charging/augmenting piping to meet augmented capacity, addition of fire water pumps, extension of fire water pump house, charges in substation, electrical and Instrumentation changes for additional equipment etc. for implementation of the requirement ‘fire water demand for fighting two major fires in the terminal including jetty
  • Conduct detailed engineering and hydraulic studies for augmenting fire water demand for two major fire scenarios using existing fire water header, after finalizing the most cost-effective solution along with KLL Engineering in-charge.
  • The Consultant shall submit weekly progress report with details of study conducting during the period.
  • The Consultant shall prepare report in a way that is self-sufficient for execution of proposed changes to achieve compliance to the applicable statutory codes.
  • The Consultant shall submit detailed reports for each analysis and options to arrive at conclusion. i.e., implementation of the project.
  • Design calculation including entire bill of material (BOM) and drawings of water spray system for KLL to be provided.
  • Preparing piping layout plans, equipment layout plan, hook up detail etc. for any modification suggested after doing the fire water network adequacy analysis.
  • To carry out pressure, velocity & flow calculations of all lines on the fire water network at KLL, Dabhol including Jetty area.
  • To carry out calculations for new water requirement and verification of existing pump characteristics for this new requirement to ascertain the adequacy of the system.
  • Final submission of 3 sets of as-built drawing of entire network with its editable soft format.
  • Final presentation (PPT) along with detail calculation will be required to be given to the management at KLL, Dabhol.

  • KLL representative may visit Consultant office during study for clarifications, if any, and the Consultant shall provide necessary arrangements for the same including deputing concerned engineer for discussions.
  • The Consultant shall visit KLL site once every month for review meeting and progress update.
  • The required pressure and flow are to be met as per OISD STD-194,156 etc. at the remotest hydrant/deluge system when there are two simultaneous major fire scenarios as per OISD-194,156 & & PNGRB (T4S) standard for LNG requirement. Copy of OISD Std-194,156 & PNGRB (T4S) standard for LNG would be provided as hard copy to the successful bidder by KLL which will be returned back to KLL (EIC) after completion of the said job.
  • Desired modifications with entire bill of materials required for the changes to comply with OISD 194,156 and & PNGRB (T4S) standard for LNG. Necessary suggestion for implementation of all practically implementable schemes to be submitted to KLL
  • Submission of individual drawings in 3 sets (hard copy) and editable soft copy format in CD for spray system at LNG Terminal & Jetty area.

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