Building Risk Assessment

Building Risk Assessment is used to analyse the risk involved with people who are located inside buildings on site. It is done to make sure that the people in these buildings are adequately protected from hazards such as explosions, fires ,toxic releases.

Significance of Building Risk Assessment study

  1. The risk assessment will allow the client to prove to themselves and the governing bodies that all risks are ALARP (as low as reasonably possible)
  2. The study will identify any potential unacceptable impacts to occupied buildings and will offer cost effective and practical solutions, giving the client peace of mind that occupants are adequately safeguarded

Why Building Risk Assessment study

Building Risk Assessment study will identify if any changes or improvements to the buildings in the site is necessary. The most suitable approach for the client in accordance with the guidelines will be provided .The study will develop toxic gas and explosion refuges for the occupants.

Benefits of Building Risk Assessment study

  • The Study will reduce the hazards and risks faced by the occupants
  • The Study will identify hazardous areas and safe site areas.
  • Viability of different occupied building and process storage plants will be included in the study.

Will make sure that the facility is in compliance with the laws and guidelines.

Report Output

Building Risk Assessment study report provides  the scope of work, includes a detailed methodology, the identified buildings, the occupancy of each building , the results of the assessment conducted and recommendations the facility should follow