3D Fire and Gas Mapping Study

SINOPEC ENGINEERING GROUP SAUDI CO. LTD.,aim to carry out the project to modify CO2 recovery section along with the implementation of opportunities/ideas to reduce Energy Intensity of YanPet EG-2 plant. As part of the project, the mapping study of gas detector (fire and toxic) is required, the quantities and location of the detectors to be re-evaluated based on the plot plan during detailed design.

The objective of the F&G Detection Mapping study is to achieve fire and gas detection system that meets the performance target required to detect any accidental gas release or accidental ignition at its early stage and take control action as well as alerting the on-board personnel for the following scenario

  1. Presence of flammable gases
  2. Presence of a fire

The study will include the following as required

  1. Performance target for fire and gas detection system based on the risk level at each hazard area.
  2. Determine the level of congestion at each hazard area and assess the risk of hydrocarbon gas accumulation and the minimum gas cloud volume which if ignited will cause significant damage.
  3. Recommend the optimum type, location and numbers of detectors to meet the performance target coverage.
  4. Smoke Detector Modeling is not considered under current scope.