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Vibration Analysis

Reduction in the maintenance cost of equipment’s can lead to a major impact on the economics of any industrial plant. Vibration analysis is an important analysis to gauge the condition of the equipment. It is performed by measuring the vibrational frequencies and levels of the equipment in the operating condition. These vibrations in terms signify the operation status of the equipment.

At iFluids, the methodology followed to perform the vibration analysis involves

  • Site- visit to collect and store the data
  • Executing the simulation
  • Analyzing the result
  • Fault detection and recommendation of corrective action

The data collection is done either through accelerometer or wireless sensors with maximum accuracy. This data is obtained in time domain, which is converted into frequency domain after applying FFT (Fast Fourier transform). Consequently, the data obtained in terms of frequencies can be used to find the faults such as misalignment, unbalance or failure of bearing of the equipment.



The vibration analysis can be straightforward or complex depending on the size and number of machinery being analyzed. Moreover, there are different types of analysis like spectral analysis, bode plots, phase comparison and correlation analysis involved. We have experienced and certified vibration analyst to study the result and suggest the necessary recommendation for your machinery.

The expected deliverables include

  • Vibration data
  • Analysis report in different forms
  • Technical support

Major milestones:


Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL)

Client Location

Panipat Refinery, New Delhi


Pulsation study and Mechanical Vibration Analysis of Suction & Discharge piping of wash water pumps of OHCU & HCU units of IOCL Panipat



Client Location

Abu Dhabi, UAE


Pulsation Study for AGIC-Tatweer Phase VI

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