Vent/QOEC Dispersion Analysis – Singasandra Receipt Terminal

GAIL India Limited’s Singasandra – Krishnagiri Natural Gas pipeline spans over a distance of 48.4 km with an O&M Facility in Bangalore.

iFluids Engineering having the team of experts in this field has been entrusted by GAIL (India) Limited to perform the Vent/QOEC Dispersion Analysis for the Singasandra Receipt Terminal of GAIL India Limited.

The Vent / QOEC Dispersion Study was carried out through the following steps:

  • Estimation of the quantity of consignment release from the vents to atmosphere
  • Evaluation of potential hazards and subsequent effects of fire, explosion, toxicity etc. whichever and wherever is applicable.
  • Identification of hazards and how they could materialize.
  • Recommendation of suitable height for the open vents.

The results of the study were recorded and presented to Gail India Limited for further discussion and approval.