Vehicle impact assessment of critical pipelines for Dukhan Facility – QP

Terms and response:


  • Software (FEM)
  • Modelling
  • Assigning Property
  • Loads
  • Analysis
  • Remedies
  • Summary report/Analysis report


  • Input analysis and data validation
  • Pipeline modelling with soil properties using FEM for locations
  • Analysis of load on pipeline
  • Vehicle Load Value implementation (with impact factor) based on the frequency of the Vehicle movement
  • Model Simulation result analysis for various loads in different depth of the corridor
  • Remedies (crash barriers, corrugated barriers, restraint systems, Speed Bumper etc)

Check list for site survey:

  • Technical survey.
  • Current Pipe condition.
  • Exposed and buried pipe lines near to roads. (Distances and level of pipe)
  • Frequency of vehicles. Statistical data pertaining to be analysed as part of study.

Analysis method using FEM

Input Required

  • Soil test report.
  • Seismic zones data.
  • Shop drawings (ie)
    ▪ Location of pipeline
    • Pipe diameter and thickness
    • Levels of pipe
    • Material property
    • Thickness of soil bed
    • Width of the corridor
    • Longitudinal profile of corridor


  1. Measured Stress analysis compared to allowable stress.
  2. Risk-based analysis and Remedies.