Updation of ERDMP for Lube Blending Plant

Commissioned in the year 1970 the plant has a licensed capacity for producing 1, 70,000 MT per year and an installed capacity of 1, 40,000 MT per year of finished lubricants, with a plant thru- put (Finished lubricants, rubber process oils and lube base oils) of around 2, 00,000 KLs per year, and a pipe line thru-put of another 2, 60, 00 KLs per year the Lube Blending plant, Chennai is the largest of its kind in India.

The Plant situated in an area of 15 acres, is within a mile from Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd., drawing its requirement of Group 1 Base Oils and extracts required for manufacturing rubber process oils through dedicated pipelines form the refinery. The Plant is connected to Chennai Port and CPCL through a 9 Km long piggable pipeline, through which lube base oils produced by Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd., are evacuated. This dock line is also used for bringing base oils into the plant through imports and coastal movement. The Plant has the necessary infrastructure for storing different grades of base oils, finished lubricants, additives & packaging material. The Plant has all the facilities for full-fledged blending, barrel filling, small can filling, tank track & tank wagon loading and fully automated base oil loading facility for tank trucks.

A modern Quality Control Laboratory is an integral part of the Plant. The Plant is accredited to ISO 9001:2008, ISO TS 16949:2009 and ISO 14001:2008 certifications which make it unique in the country.

The plant is an important centre for export of finished lubricants and lube base oils and for importing a verity of additives and Group III & Synthetic base fluids. The plant has 6 T/hour packaged boilers, eleven air compressors, a 1010 KVA Cummins DG set, 1250 KVA transformer, fifteen numbers of forklifts of 2 T capacity each and two Weigh Bridges of 30 T & 50 T respectively.

A well designed predictive/preventive maintenance system in the plant ensures trouble free operation of the plant minimizing down time. The workmen in the plant are well trained in operation, maintenance and safety aspects and facilities such as canteen, rest rooms, gym, recreation facility, library, etc., have been provided as welfare measure.

The blending section consists of

  • Twenty Base Oil storage tanks with a combined capacity of 31000 KL
  • Eight additive storage tanks with a combined capacity of 1500 KL
  • Fifteen blending kettles with a combined capacity of 1000 KL
  • Bulk Tank Truck Loading facility consisting of 8 Bays with a combined capacity of 450 KL

The objective was to update the existing Emergency Response Disaster Management Plan (ERDMP) for the facility.

IOCL Lube Blending Complex
IOCL Lube Blending Complex