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Traffic Impact Assessment

Traffic impact assessment is the report to assess the impact in proposed development on the existing transportation network. This report will assess the expected volume of traffic that will be generated by the proposed development and assess the impact that this traffic have on the operational capacity of the transportation network in the vicinity of the development.


  1. To control the traffic acquired during peak time due to development.
  2. Addresses issues related to road safety.
  3. To propose and development required in the existing road network
  4. Recommendation of marking on the road network.
  5. Analyze the future development of traffic with respect public population.


  • To identifying the intersections in the vicinity of the development on which the traffic generated by the development may have a significant impact. The target years and peak scenarios to be analyzed, based on the land-use and extent of the development.
  • The existing traffic flow patterns will be surveyed, where after the functioning of the intersections in the area also will be analyzed. Recommendations will be made on the present need for road upgrading, without the development.
  • The trip distribution of traffic generated by the proposed development will be derived from the existing traffic flow patterns.
  • Data collection and assessing the existing situation of the transportation road network.
  • Address the expected growth of the existing traffic volumes, bases on the expected traffic volumes recommendation for the upgrading of existing roads.
  • Describe the proposed development and its data on the expected number of trips that will be generated.
  • Distribution of the trip and assigning of trips generated by the development.
  • Discuss the base and target year for the volume of traffic on the adjacent roads after completion of proposed development as well as the road up gradation.
  • Evaluate the impact of the proposed development and infrastructure of transportation.
  • Assessing the impact of the proposed development on the infrastructure as well as any upgrading requirement to accommodate the new development.
  • Conclusion and recommendation.
Traffic Impact Assessment workflow
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