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Inspection of tanks and pipelines

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) has awarded iFluids Engineering to carry out study on "INSPECTION OF TANKS AND PIPELINES FOR HPCL SURYAPET TERMINAL" as per OISD 129,130 for evaluating the current physical condition of assets.

The Suryapet liquids storage terminal owned by HPCL is located in Telangana State of India. This liquids storage terminal became operational in 2002 ,The terminal primarily stores chemical and petroleum products.

Scope of work:

  1. Measuring & evaluating the current physical condition of Tanks,Pipelines, & Chequred plate for corrossion, seepage,cracks ,etc.
  2. Co-relating assets deterioration rate with their actual design life
  3. To Advice the concerned Operational team for future inspection schedules as per remaining life run with reference to OISD- 129, OISD-130

The facilities to be covered under the Inspection are

Sl NoFacilityQuantity
1External Inspection tank 20.5M D*13M H2
2 External Inspection tank 37.5 D*18M H2
3 External Inspection tank 23M D*13M H1
4 External Inspection tank 15.5 M D*9M H2
5P/L Visual &UT test Inspection20000
External Inspection of Tanks

Tank Fittings

Tank Shell

Tank roofs

Ultrasonic Thickness Survey on Pipelines (UT Test)
  1. A Kick off Meeting with Client will be organized
  2. Collecting of P&ID, Isometric drawings, and previous inspection report
  3. Piping Visual Inspection will be assigned to a API 570 certified Piping Inspector
  4. Shall be listing out additional Inspection points in the time of Piping Visual Inspection
  5. Tank Visual Inspection will be handled by API 653 certified Tank Inspector
  6. Checklist will be maintained as per OISD requirement. Observations and Recommendations will be noted in the Checklist and documented with Site Photographs.
  7. UT Kit (through coat) will be Calibrated before QC inspector.
  8. Thickness will be measured by using UT kit and shall listed out in the report.
  9. If any severe abnormality observed, FFS will be suggested.
  10. Remaining life calculation will be performed by Piping Inspectors and report with recommendations will be submitted to client.
Completion Schedule:

The completion period of the project is 1 month.

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