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iFluids Engineering has conducted the safety audit at M/s Isosynth Labs Pvt Ltd on 28th Sep in order to determine a safe location for the installation of an autoclave (capacity 2L).

Brief on Client and the Location-specific details

Isosynth Labs Pvt Ltd is a Bangalore (India) based company offering products and services which combine biological synthesis tools with chemistry. The client intends to create different kind of enzymes for different kind of bio transformation’s with some of the special raw materials. The common features for these reactions are it does not involve high temperature, high pressure, explosive material, or toxic material.The proposed autoclave is intended to study one such reactions occuring in the temp range of -2 to 2 degrees at a pressure of 1.5 bar (very close to atmospheric pressure).


The main objective of this safety audit was to identify the ideal/ safe location for the installation of Autoclave (Capacity 2L) at Isosynth Labs Pvt Ltd.

The safety audit study included the following steps:


Based on the safety audit observations it is concluded that among the three possible locations considered for assessment, a suitable location has been suggested by iFluids Engineering Team.

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