Surge Analysis Study Of Station Piping Of Hazira, Ratlam & Navagam Pipeline Terminals

Western Region Pipelines (WRPL), Koyali of Indian Oil Corporation (Pipelines Division) is operating the following product pipelines.

These product pipelines transport the Petroleum products from Gujarat Refinery to different parts of Western/Northern India, caters the demand  of Transport/Agriculture/Industrial belts of Gujarat, Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh with the coverage of the needs of important cities like Ahmedabad, Jodhpur, Jaipur, Ratlam, Surat and further through GCPTCL, Dahej terminal & Kandla for exporting HFHSD to various countries.

The nomenclature of these pipelines is as hereunder: ‐

  • 08” dia Koyali‐ Ahmedabad Pipeline
  • 18” dia Koyali‐ Sanganer pipeline
  • 14” dia Koyali‐ Dahej Pipeline
  • 16’’ dia Koyali‐ Ratlam Pipeline

The purpose of this Transient / Surge study & analysis Study is,

  1. To develop steady state model of Hazira,  Ratlam & Navagam pipeline terminal station piping.
  2. Perform Transient State Analysis and estimation of surge pressure at Hazira,  Ratlam & Navagam pipeline terminal station due to closure of inlet MOV/ROSOV of the storage tanks during receipt, closure of MOV in the delivery manifold pipeline and closure of valves during emergency shutdown.
  3. To provide the surge mitigation measures, when the surge pressure exceeds the allowable surge pressure.
  4. To estimate SRV relief accumulated liquid volume.