Surge and Stress Analysis Study of Product Pipelines

Product Receipt Pipelines, Irumpanam of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited is operating the following two PLT product pipelines. 

These product pipelines transport the Petroleum products (MS and HSD) from BPCL Terminal via 12’’ delivery line from BPCL Pump house to HPCL Terminal Tanks, to Product receipt tanks of two different products MS and HSD respectively. 

  1. 14” dia – 2.4 km approximate long MS Pipeline
  2. 18” dia – 2.4 km approximate long HSD Pipeline

iFluids Engineering was awarded the project for Surge Analysis study for product receipt pipelines due to sudden closure of valves and pump trip in at BPCL Terminal to HPCL Terminal tanks side.

Irumpanam Terminal Product Pipelines are products pipeline of 2 nos of 12” dia from KRL Top to BPCL terminal and about 2.4 km approx. long 14” & 18” pipeline each transporting finished products like MS and HSD respectively from BPCL terminal to storage tanks at HPCL, Irumpanam. HPCL terminal station consists of Product Receipt Tanks, and their inlet and outlet valves like MOV, DBBV, and ROSOVs.

The objective of Transient / Surge study & Stress analysis is,

  1. To develop steady state model of the product pipelines at Irumpanam terminal station.
  2. Perform Transient State Analysis and estimation of surge pressure occurs at product pipelines at Irumpanam terminal station due to Sudden Closure of inlet valves MOV/ROSOV of the storage tanks during receipt, followed by pump trip.
  3. To provide the surge mitigation measures, when the surge pressure exceeds the allowable surge pressure.
  4. In Stress Analysis both static and Dynamic analysis has be done for this terminal.
  5. In Static Analysis Above ground and Underground analysis has been done.
  6. In Stress Analysis the slug force is calculated manualy and applying force at all the elbows in change in direction in the piping system . and then Dynamic analysis has been done as per client input.