Surge Analysis Study of Product Pipelines at Rajahmundry Terminal Station

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Product Receipt Pipelines, Rajahmundry of Marketing Division is operating the MS and HSD product pipelines. Rajahmundry Terminal Product Pipeline is a product pipelines of two 12” dia and about 890m long transporting finished products like MS and HSD from Indian Oil Marketing Company Pump house via 12’’ delivery line. Rajahmundry terminal station consists of Product receipt tanks, Public Sector Company Exchange Pit inlet MOV, MOVs at delivery lines and DBBV, ROSOV near marketing tanks inlet to deliver the products to marketing tanks.

The purpose of this Transient / Surge study & analysis is,

  • To develop steady state model of the terminal station.
  • Perform Transient State Analysis and estimation of surge pressure at Rajahmundry terminal station due to Sudden Closure of inlet valves MOV/ROSOV/DBBV’s of the storage tanks during receipt, sudden closure of tank inlet valve and closure of valves during emergency shutdown.
  • To provide the surge mitigation measures, when the surge pressure exceeds the allowable surge pressure.
Product Receipt Pipelines
Product Receipt Pipelines