3D F&G Mapping for Class A – fuel handling area of IOCL Asanur site – Yokogawa India limited

Indian Oil Corporation Limited has planned to review Hydrocarbon Vapour detection for fuel handling areas in Asanur terminal, Tamil Nadu. Asanur terminal receives products in Tank Wagon & Tank truck and dispatches the products to Tanker truck in Bays.

This terminal consists of the following,  

  1. Tank farms,
  2. Underground tanks,
  3. Pumps and their associated pipelines

The Scope of Work for the proposed Study includes the following 

  • Fuel handling areas in the Asanur terminal is covered for the Fire and Gas Mapping Study.
  • The mapping study of gas detector (fire and toxic) is required, the quantities and location of the detectors to be re-evaluated based on the plot plan.
  • Proposing new fire and gas detection arrangements.