Stress Analysis

Any material or structure upon the application of forces is subjected to stress. This stress will result in the deformation of the material. Hence, it becomes essential to perform stress analysis frequently to prevent any incident. Engineers at iFluids Engineering have excellent expertise in understanding your physical system and performing the stress analysis by changing them into a detailed model.

The steps involved in the stress analysis can be listed as

  1. Identify the potential loads that the piping system would encounter during the life of the plant.
  2. Relate loads of those masses to the stresses and strains developed. (Including Surge forces which might be calculated/found out by Surge analysis using Pipenet software system.
  3. Get the cumulative effect of the potential loads within the system.
  4. Decide the allowable limits the system will withstand without failure.
  5. After the system is intended, to ensure that the stresses are within the safe limits.

For performing the analysis, our team needs the details of the system like

  • Drawings – P&ID, Isometric, plot plan
  • Operating conditions – Temperature and Pressure
  • Dimension of the process equipment
  • Our engineers follow the world standards like ASME, IS, etc. and hence, perform the task with paramount superiority.

Stress Analysis Methodology:

Initial Review

  • Review Piping Specification
  • Review Piping Study Drawing around critical equipment
  • Identify critical civil structural needs
  • Review all applicable project standards
  • Quick check using excel spreadsheet for Pipe Wall and Br. Reinf. Calculation
  • Prepare Preliminary Stress critical Line List
  • Review Pipe-Rack study layout- Establish preliminary exp loop location
  • Establish preliminary Pipe-rack loading for structural design

Detailed Review

  • Identify CAESAR Stress Models- include group of lines in single model
  • Perform based on stress analysis supported issued stress critical line list
  • Analyze visual check lines using simplified manual techniques
  • Communicate with civil, Vessel and Mechanical groups for loading

Final Approval

  • Freeze the stress model based on final isometrics
  • Documentation of Input and Output Reports

When is pipe stress analysis recommended ?

  • The operating temperature is at least 150F
    Sizes of pipes or lines are 4′ or greater.
  • When rotating equipment is taken into account, careful consideration should be given to line sizes of at least 2 12″
  • When connecting pressure vessels, analyses are done when the line size is 6 inches or greater.
  • Pipe stress analysis is required for cryogenic pipe systems and those transporting dangerous substances.
  • When a lack of flexibility is noticed, the system is complicated (has many branches), the pipe is subject to vibrations (for example, during suction or discharge operations), or the plant is located in an earthquake-prone area.

The loads on each pipe support are assessed by our pipe stress analysis team using a combination of manual calculations and FEA analysis. We use existing pipe supports into the new pipe design to cut costs. Our experts can assess the current pipe supports for new loads while requiring little to no field work, resulting in significant savings of cost.

The image depi cts the 3d model of piping sress analysis .Both pipe design and maintenance operations depend heavily on pipe stress analysis.

Both pipe design and maintenance operations depend heavily on pipe stress analysis.
Appropriate pipe stress calculations must be performed to ensure optimal safety and efficiency while confirming the pipe design has been done correctly to extend the product’s life cycle. Pipe failures may result in severe conditions.

We take pride to say that our team offers the most effective support till the completion of the task. Upon completion of the analysis, we deliver.

  1. Stress analysis report with supporting documents and recommendation
  2. two set of drawing, sketches, specification and support document.
  3. Soft copies of all drawings.



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