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Sprinkler adequacy study as per OISD -117 for HPCL Secunderabad Terminal

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) intends to conduct a study on the sprinkler system to assess the water coverage on the tank shell with required overlap sprinkler nozzle and has engaged to conduct the adequacy check on the existing sprinkler system.

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) Secunderabad Terminal consists of above ground storage tank for storing ATF,ETHANOL,HSD,MS,SLOP and SKO. Adhering to the norms of OISD, Sprinklers are provided for cooling the tanks in case of emergency. The existing sprinkler rings are at a distance of 0.9m from the tank shell. HPCL intends to assess the water coverage on the tank shell with required overlap sprinkler nozzle.

The process design basis for fire safety systems adequacy of the tank farm area of HPCL Secunderabad Terminal is described as part of the study. The overall scope of study includes:

  • Sprinkler design adequacy for 3 lpm and 1 lpm
  • Sprinkler adequacy from 0.9 m distance to shell

The facilities details are:

Tank Farm NumberFacilityDescriptionHeight (m)Diameter (m)
1Tank-1AMS TANK46.518
1Tank-1BMS TANK46.518
1Tank-1CMS TANK2216
1Tank-1DSLOP TANK2216
2Tank-2ASKO TANK22.515
2Tank-2BSKO TANK22.515
3Tank-3AHSD TANK51.518
3Tank-3BHSD TANK51.518
3Tank-3CMS TANK2918
3Tank-3DHSD TANK3418
3Tank-3EHSD TANK4218
4Tank-4AATF TANK2318
4Tank-4BATF TANK2318
4Tank-4CMS TANK3418
5Tank-5BSLOP TANK139

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