Risk Assessment for Sajjan India Limited – Hydrogenation Block and RCC Building

Sajjan India Limited has been India’s leading contract manufacturer in Active Ingredients (Agro), Electronic Chemicals, Specialty Chemicals and Intermediates having vast application in Agrochemicals, Pharmaceuticals and Dyestuff.

HSE Consultant has awarded iFluids Engineering to carry out Risk Assessment of Hydrogenation block and RCC Building at Sajjan India Limited.

The study was based on the hazards that may occur during the operations of the project according information available. This study covers the different components and equipment associated with Hydrogenation block and RCC Building at Sajjan India Limited, Gujarat.

The main objective of this study is to quantify and assess the impact from process hazards associated with the additional added facility (Hydrogenation block and RCC Building) of the Sajjan India Limited. In order to meet the objective of assessment, potential scenarios have been identified and assessed and the likelihood and consequences related to potential accidental releases occurring in the facility was presented. Further, based on the results from the assessment, appropriate recommendations have been provided as a risk mitigating measures.

Hydrogenation block and RCC Building at Sajjan India Limited-HSE Consultant, Gujarat.