Rapid Risk Assessment For Crude Distillation Unit Revamp – Guwahati Refinery

Guwahati Refinery is the first Public Sector Refinery in our Country. At the time of commissioning initial crude processing capacity at the Refinery was 0.75 MMTPA and the refinery was designed to process a mix of Oil and ONGC crude.

The refining capacity was subsequently enhanced to 1.0 MMTPA and with INDMAX, the pilot plant for first in house technology of Indian Oil, the ISOSIV and Hydro treater the refinery has been able to produce eco-friendly fuels. The Refinery produces various products to North-eastern India as well as beyond, up to Siliguri end through the Guwahati- Siliguri pipeline. The products of refinery are transported through pipeline and some quantity also through road transportation. The Crude Distillation Unit (CDU) is revamped to process 1.2 MMTPA of 100% Assam crude and 100% LS imported crude from the existing rated capacity of 1 MMTPA with 100% Assam crude.    

The Objectives of Rapid Risk assessment study are as follows:

  • Identification of failure cases within the process facilities.
  •     Calculation of physical effects of failure case scenarios which include Estimation of Jet Fire, Flash Fire and Over Pressure explosion distances
  • Evaluate process hazards emanating from the identified potential accident scenarios
  • Suggest mitigating measures to reduce the hazard / risk.