Quantitative Risk Assessment Study For Gantry and Vapour Recovery Package For Vadinar Oil Terminal Limited, Nayara Energy

Nayara Energy Limited is a downstream oil company based in Mumbai, India, that encompasses refining, marketing, production and a network of over 5,700 + retail fuel outlets in India. Currently Nayara Energy having three road gantries for white oil loading & serving to major OMC’s (IOCL, BPCL, HPCL & Shell) apart from our growing retail and direct (B2B) sales network in Gujarat, Rajasthan, UP and Haryana.

Current volume of white oil loading (including Nayara & PSU) are ~3500 KL/day for MS & ~8000KL/day for HSD, which is projected to increase up to ~5000 KL/day for MS & ~15000KL/day for HSD by mid of 2020. In order to cater increased road volumes of HSD & MS, it is proposed to revive Gantry-VII for White Oil products (HSD&MS).

The primary purpose of Vapour Recovery unit is to reduce the emission by maximizing the recovery of hydrocarbon vapours displaced during tank lorry loading operation of MS & HCD. The Vapour Recovery Process proposed is based on adsorption on activated carbon and desorption by vacuum. The regeneration of the saturated carbon bed (or beds, in case of large systems) is on basis of a fixed cycle time.