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Quantitative Risk Assessment Report for GAIL Vijaypur Attru Pipeline

Gail is the largest state-owned natural gas processing and distribution company in India with the following business segments: natural gas, liquid hydrocarbon, liquefied petroleum gas transmission, petrochemical, city gas distribution, exploration and production, GAILTEL and electricity generation

This QRA was conducted for the 18” pipeline laid by GAIL gas India for the transfer of Natural Gas over a distance of 69.793 Km. Two pipeline has been considered namely HVJ and VKPL-I. The pipeline starts from Vijaypur and reaches Bapcha SV station after 23 Km. The next SV station at a distance of 16.5 Km from Bapcha is at Chabra. After 29 Km from Chabra comes Attru SV station. GAIL is having a 30m wide ROU for the pipeline route. The pipeline passes through two towns which are Chabra and Kawai. Chabra has a population of 35500 people and Kawai with a population of 10436 people. HVJ pipeline is maintained at an operating pressure of 75.2 bar and the VKPL –I at a pressure of 52.8 bar. Though agricultural practices are allowed over the 30 m wide ROU path of the pipeline, GAIL India makes sure that no construction or other heavy practices are done over the ROU. Through Chabra and Kawai regions, a daily patrolling is done considering the population of the region and over the other length a quarterly patrolling is being undergone.

The QRA for the pipelines were conducted and the additional risk control measures were recommended for each of the pipelines.

Vijapur Attru pipeline Route Map
Vijapur Attru pipeline Route Map
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