Quantitative Risk Assessment for 2X660MW Coal Fired Thermal Plant of Sembcorp, Nellore.

Sembcorp Energy India Limited (SEIL), a company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956, is a Wholly Owned subsidiary of Sembcorp Utilities Pte Ltd, Singapore. SEIL owns and operates two coal based super critical thermal power plants with a total capacity of 2,640 MW i.e. 1,320 MW each near Krishnapatnam, Nellore District, Andhra Pradesh.

iFluids Engineering has been entrusted to carry out the Quantitative Risk Assessment
(QRA) for 2X660MW Coal Fired Thermal Power Plant. The following facilities are covered under the QRA study for the Project

  • HFO System
  • HSD System
  • Acid and Alkali System
  • Hydrogen System.

The main objective of this QRA study is to determine risk from process hazards associated with 2X660MW Coal Fired Thermal Plant of Sembcorp, Nellore. This study quantified the risk ranking in accordance with the severity and probability. In order to meet the objective of the assessment, potential scenarios were identified, evaluated and the chances of consequences related to potential accidental releases occurring in the facility were exhibited.

The Objectives of QRA are as follows:

  • To identify the Major Hazards along with Loss of Containment (LOC) scenarios
  • To calculate the physical effects of failure case scenarios which includes Estimation of fire results such as Jet Fire, Pool Fire and Flash Fire along with Overpressure Explosion and Toxic Dispersion.
  • To evaluate the failure frequency of the facility.
  • To quantify the Societal risk and to estimate the Potential loss of Life.
  • To perform a risk assessment to confirm that the mitigation of risk can be consistent with the ALARP principle according to the UK HSE risk acceptance criteria
  • To recommend risk reducing measures to ensure that all risks are in ALARP or in Acceptable region

The findings of the study were recorded and presented to SEI along with recommendations for risk reduction measures which were accepted and approved.

plot plan
Plot Plan