Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) Study For Relocation Or Shifting Of Two Existing Methanol Tanks

Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) – Gujarat Refinery has proposed to relocation or shifting of two existing methanol Tanks at Gujarat refinery.

The Basic objective of the Acrylics/ Oxo-Alcohol project is the installation of a new Butyl Acrylate production facility consisting of i) Acrylic Acid Unit (90 kTA), ii) Butyl Acrylate Unit (150 kTA) at Dumad near Gujarat Refinery and iii) Oxo Alcohol Unit (90 kTA of Normal Butanol) and iv) Modification of existing HGU-II unit at Gujarat Refinery to produce 8500 Nm3/hr of Syn Gas and 4300 Nm3/hr of Hydrogen inside Gujarat Refinery premises and the smooth interface connections of these facilities at Dumad as well as at Gujarat Refinery – with the associated storage & dispatch facilities for Acrylic Acid, Butyl Acrylate, I-Butanol and N-Butanol need to be implemented at Dumad, along with other Utilities & off-site facilities.

The objective of relocation 2 nos. Methanol Tanks is as below

  • NBA unit is constructed after dismantling existing HC free idle Butene-I unit (PESO Dismantling approval taken)
  • Required area of the NBA unit is extending up to existing Tank farm area wherein 4 nos. tanks 805, 806 are slop tanks & 1103 & 1104 are Methanol Tanks.
  • Tank No. 1103 & 1104 are operational tanks for MTBE at present and Tank No. 805, & 806 are HC Free tanks for which PESO dismantling approval was already received from PESO Nagpur Head office.
  • So, alternate option for these Tanks viz. 1103 & 1104 are being done and hence, relocation/shifting of these tanks are done one by one as per SOP for storage of Methanol as per attached drawings and SOP.
  • The objective of QRA is to quantify the risks to rank them accordingly based on their severity and probability and to understand the significance of existing control measures and to follow the risk control measures to bring down the risk levels and to identify the consequence of various hazards based on the hazard type to personnel at a range of distances.