Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) for Shriram Chemicals, Ranipet

Shriram Chemicals is a chemical manufacturing unit situated in Ranipet, Vellore District , who are into the manufacturing of industrial chemicals, refrigerant gases and mineral chemicals with chemical solvents and acids such as Methanol, Toluene, HCl, Sulphuric Acid etc as the raw materials

A Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) is a formal and systematic risk analysis approach to quantifying the risks associated with the operation of a process. iFluids Engineering has been entrusted to carry out the Quantitative Risk Assessment for Shriram Chemicals, Ranipet for the different components and equipment’s associated within the facility

The QRA study is carried out to identify major hazards and loss of containment scenarios, based on which physical effects of failure case scenarios are calculated to estimate fire results such as Jet Fire, Pool Fire, Flash fire and/or Overpressure Explosion. These results are then used to estimate any potential risks and to ensure the mitigation of risk can be consistent with the ALARP principle according to the UK HSE risk acceptance criteria. Based on the risk assessment, risk reducing measures are recommended to ensure all risks are within the ALARP or Acceptable range.