Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA) for Nayara Energy Limited

Nayara Energy Limited (Formerly: Essar Oil Limited) is located at Vadinar, Gujarat. It is India’s second largest single location refinery with Crude processing capacity of 20 million tons per annum (MMTPA). The Vadinar complex consist of petroleum refinery, power generation facilities, port & terminal, dispatch, marketing and pipeline network.

Considered areas under scope

Process area considered for the QRA study are listed below


  1. Crude Distillation & Vacuum Distillation Unit, Sat. Gas Unit (CDU-VDU-SGU-1)
  2. Crude Atmospheric & Vacuum Distillation Unit (CDU-2)
  3. Product Treaters (Merichem Units)
  4. Diesel Hydro-desulfurization Unit (DHDS)
  5. Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU-UGSS)
  6. Sulfur Recovery Unit, Amine Recovery Unit, Sour Water Stripping Unit (SRU-ARU-SWS)


  1. Diesel hydrotreater (DHDT)
  2. Vacuum Gas Oil Mild Hydrocracker (VGOMHC)
  3. Isomerization Unit (ISOM)


  1. Delayed Coker Unit (DCU)
  2. SRU-ARU-SWS-1
  3. SRU-2-SWS-1A


  1. Naphtha Hydrotreater (NHT)
  2. Continuous Catalytic Reforming Unit (CCR)
  3. Hydrogen Manufacturing Unit (HMU-1)
  4. Hydrogen Manufacturing Unit (HMU-2)
  5. Mini-HMU


  1. Products & Intermediates Tankage (PIT) Area
  2. Crude Oil Tankage Areas (COT)
  3. Dispatch – Road & Rail
  4. Jetty

CPP & Utilities

  1. Captive Power Plant (CPP – 77 MW, Phase-1, and Phase-2 units – Coal-based Power Plants)
  2. Utility-1 Base & Expansion (including Air, Liquid Nitrogen, Natural Gas, Acid, Caustic, DMDS, Chlorine, Cooling Tower systems)
  3. Utility-2 Base & Expansion (including Acid Gas Flare, Hydrocarbon Flare, LPG Flare, Waste water & ETP systems)