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Quantitative Risk Assessment Modelling for Risk Analysis Study

Apart from the locomotive fuel, Indian oil also provides LPG to various regions over India. Indian oil has one such LPG plant in Hyderabad. The plant is a LPG bottling facility with availability of horton sphere, storage tanks and mounted bullets.

There is no chemical process involved and the operation carried out will be receipt of LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) through pipeline from HPCL Vizag Refinery, storage of bulk LPG in isolated storage vessels and filling of LPG into domestic and non-domestic cylinders using electronic carousel and associated systems. The cylinders filled will be checked for quality and then transported with packed trucks to Indane distributors, where filled cylinders are transported to individual customers. At Hyderabad BP the storage is in pressurized form in mounded storage & HS & Bullets.

The scope of the study was to conduct the QRA for the above mentioned facility. For the study, the entire plant with the operations were considered individually and the additional risk control measures were recommended for each respectively as per the QRA.

Aerial View of IOCL LPG Plant Hyderabad
Aerial View of IOCL LPG Plant Hyderabad
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