Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA), Hazard Operability Study(HAZOP) & Emergency Response and Disaster Management Plan(ERDMP) at Vashi Black-oil Terminal

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited has a Bulk Marketing cum Tap off point Oil at Vashi POL Terminal, Maharashtra with the total plot Area covering upto 24.5 Acres. The Black Oil Terminal handles LDO and FO products and is approximately 18 km from the Mumbai Refinery.

The operating process at the Terminal, is the receipt of LDO and FO, Storage of these products in Tanks and the dispatch to market through Distributers via Tank Trucks. The terminal is an intermediate stock point for feeding HPCL’s retail outlets (RO) in the Vashi area to ensure there is no disruption in the feed from the terminals to the ROs. IFluids Engineer has been entrusted to carry out the ERDMP study for Black Oil Terminal.

An Emergency Response and Disaster Management Plan (ERDMP) must be equipped with all the necessary infrastructure, contact details, resources and information to handle and control the emergency, however low the probability of occurrence is. The ERDMP Report is prepared to ensure effective containment of any emergency situation through proper mitigating action at the place of occurrence, cautioning people in the adjoining affected localities, prompt rescue measures and medical aid to affected persons.