Quantitative Risk Assessment For Zenith Flavours and Chemicals

Zenith Flavours and Chemicals is a chemicals manufacturing unit situated in SIDCO Pharmaceutical Industrial Estate, Alathur Village, Tirupporur Taluk which is located approximately 30 kms south from Chennai City and 4 kms south from Tirupporur Town which is a small scale industry. Total Land Area is 16,333 Sqm. Zenith flavours propose to produce the organic chemicals. The raw materials required for the manufacture of proposed products are the chemicals solvents and the fuel.

The Consent to Establish has been obtained from TNPCB for the production of Inorganic Salts and about 60 % of installation has been completed in the plant. The project falls under Category 5(f) – Synthetic organic chemicals industry. QRA Study deals with production of chemicals for the quantum of about 123 TPM.

The Objectives of QRA are as follows:

  • Identification of Hazards and Major Loss of Containment (LOC) events
  • Calculation of physical effects of failure case scenarios which include Estimation of Jet Fire, Pool Fire heat radiation distances, Flammable gas dispersion distances, and overpressure explosion distances
  • Failure Frequency evaluation
  • Societal risk quantification and Potential Loss of Life estimation
  • Perform a risk assessment to confirm that risk can be reduced consistent with the ALARP principle according to the UK HSE risk acceptance criteria
  • Recommend risk reducing measures such as Prevention, Detection, Control, Mitigation and Emergency response to ensure that all risks are in ALARP or in Acceptable region.