Quantitative Risk Assessment For White Oil Terminal, Vashi

Vashi Oil Installation Of Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd, is situated at Vashi, in the city of Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra State, which is about 18 Km from the Mumbai Refinery. The Vashi Installation is within the MIDC area. The Installation was commissioned in the year 1986. It plays a crucial role in the distribution of petroleum oils to HPCL’s retail outlets (RO) in the Vashi. The products are received through Mumbai – Pune pipeline. This acts as an intermediate stock point for feeding respective HPCL ROs. The total area covering in the Installation is 24.5 Acres.

The Installation receives products through Mumbai-Pune Pipeline and distributes Petroleum Products like Motor Spirit (MS), High Speed Diesel (HSD), Ethanol & Superior Kerosene Oil (SKO) through TT. The Installations have adequate storage facilities which are detailed product wise in this report. The total maximum storage capacity of the Installation is 83302 Kl. The Installation has been provided with manual hydrant facility covering the entire Admin Building, PMCC Room, DG Room, TLF Gantry, TLF Pump House &Tank Farm Area. There is one TLF shed having 18 Nos. of Tank Trucks loading bays and each bay is having two loading points.

The Objectives of Risk assessment study are as follows:

  • Hazard identification and selection of failure case scenarios
  • Calculation of physical effects of failure case scenarios which include Estimation of Jet Fire, Pool Fire heat radiation distances, and Vapor cloud explosion distances
  • Failure Frequency evaluation
  • Societal risk quantification and Potential Loss of Life estimation
  • Perform a risk assessment to confirm that risk can be reduced consistent with the ALARP principle according to the UK HSE risk acceptance criteria
  • Recommend risk reducing measures to ensure that all risks are in ALARP or in Acceptable region