Quantitative Risk Assessment For Tank Truck Loading Gantry Relocation – Gujarat Refinery

Gujarat refinery is located at Koyali, near Vadodara. The refinery was commissioned at 1965 and presently working at a capacity of 13.7 MMTPA. The refinery’s facilities consist of five atmospheric distillation units, Catalytic reforming unit, Fluidized catalytic Cracking unit, and the Hydrocracking unit.

The refinery also produces a wide range of speciality products like benzene, toluene, MTO, food grade hexane, solvents and LABFS.

Six new bays are being to be added in the proposed TTL gantry which can handle the dispatch of five products and two incoming raw materials. The products are MTBE, LAB, HAB, FGH and PGH. Also Benzene and Ethanol required within the refinery will be unloaded through the same Gantry.

The main objective of this study is to evaluate the potential risk levels for personnel due to accidental release of hazardous materials from loss of containment scenarios from the facilities and to demonstrate that individual risks are within the broadly acceptable regions.

The Objectives of Risk assessment study are as follows:

  • Hazard identification and selection of failure case scenarios
  • Calculation of physical effects of failure case scenarios which include Estimation of Jet Fire, Pool Fire heat radiation distances, and Over Pressure explosion distances
  • Failure Frequency evaluation
  • Societal risk quantification and Potential Loss of Life estimation
  • Perform a risk assessment to confirm that risk can be reduced consistent with the ALARP principle according to the UK HSE risk acceptance criteria
  • Recommend risk reducing measures to ensure that all risks are in ALARP or in Acceptable region