Quantitative Risk Assessment For Oil Depot At HPCL Ramagundam, Telangana

A reputed Oil and Gas company incorporated in 1974 with a market Share of 25% in Oil and Gas Sector in India awarded iFluids Engineering a Quantitative Risk Assessment Study of its Depot in Ramagundum, Telangana. The Depot was involved in the process of receipt, storage and distribution of petroleum products. There was no manufacturing process involved in the Depot considering vast demand of Petroleum products in different Districts of Telangana State. HPCL commissioned the Depot in the early 2000’s to cater to the needs of various ROs, Depots in and around. The Depot receives petroleum products e.g. MS, HSD through railway wagons from another Terminal. While, Ethanol was received through tank trucks. The full rake railway siding was owned by Railways & siding was jointly used by Depot & another Reputed Oil and Gas company. The products stored in the Depot were – MS, HSD & Ethanol.

The main objective of this study was to evaluate the potential risk levels for personnel due to accidental release of hazardous materials from loss of containment scenarios from the facilities and to demonstrate that individual risks are within the broadly acceptable regions. IFluids Engineering had to Conduct QRA Study, Identify all hazards, Suggest Recommendations for the oil Depot. The assessment was based on the hazards that might occur during the operations of the project according information available. The scope of work was limited to the different components associated with the proposed facility only. Any other facilities that are not part of the proposed Complex operations were not included as part of this study. The sequence of occurrences which must take place for the incident scenarios to produce hazardous effects were identified .The Damage caused by following Outcomes were studied.

  • Jet fires
  • Pool fires
  • Flash Fire (FF)
  • Overpressure Explosion.