Quantitative Risk Assessment For LPG Bottling Plant

BPCL’s LPG bottling plant at Uran, Mahrashtra has facility for filling of Cylinder, Truck Lorry and Wagon filling. The Bottling plant facility is spread in a handsome area and having truck lorry parking.

Quantitative risk analysis involved collection of data from client, identifying the isolatable sections for the scope, modelling the scenarios for consequence analysis and finally risk analysis.

So, for this, isolatable sections were identified and all the inputs possible were taken from the P&IDs; distance and area were mostly taken from Layout plant and google earth. The remaining operating parameters were requested to client.

Once the complete inputs were received, modelling was started followed by preparing the report.

Unlike usual way, Parts count method was adopted for calculation of failure frequencies of the project.

Challenges faced during the study was mostly the communication with client. Since it was the QRA of complete unit, 40 isolatable sections were identified; and the operating parameters for these were to be made understood to client, so that they can collect the data and provide the same.

A potential solution to this can be isolation numbering, using a different approach for numbering which involves valve numbers of the system itself could be useful. As this will enable better understanding for identifying the isolatable section and be able to locate it easily.