Quantitative Risk Assessment For DRS At Bharatpur And DBS At Lakshya CNG Station

A reputed Oil and Gas company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Maharatna GAIL (India) Limited and was incorporated in May 2008 for the smooth implementation of City Gas Distribution (CGD) projects awarded Ifluids Engineering a Quantitative Risk Assessment Study of CNG stations in Bharatpur.The DRS, is a District Regulating Station which receives input from Mainline i.e. 4” Carbon Steel (CS) pipeline at 16 Kg/cm2 pressure at 1000 SCMH. The sole purpose is to step down the pressure to 3-4 Kg/cm2 for the network requirements. It is sent out in a 125 mm MDPE Pipeline. The Lakshya DBS CNG Stationis a Daughter Booster Station (DBS) which receives Mobile Cascade cylinder mounted on Light Commercial Vehicle at a pressure above 30 Kg/cm2 from nearby Mother Station. After getting boosted via 2-stage compressor, the gas would be sent to Dispensing Units (DU) and Station.

The main objective of this study was to evaluate the potential risk levels for personnel due to accidental release of hazardous materials from loss of containment scenarios from the facilities and to demonstrate that individual risks are within the broadly acceptable regions. iFluids Engineering had to Conduct QRA Study, Identify all hazards, Suggest Recommendations for the CNG Station. The assessment was based on the hazards that might occur during the operations of the project according information available. The scope of work was limited to the different components associated with the proposed facility only. Any other facilities that are not part of the proposed Complex operations were not included as part of this study. The sequence of occurrences which must take place for the incident scenarios to produce hazardous effects were identified .The damage caused by following Outcomes were studied.

  • Jet fires
  • Pool fires
  • Flash Fire (FF)
  • Over pressure explosion.