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Quantitative Risk Assessment For BPCL Ennore Pipeline

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) is an Indian public sector oil and gas company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The Corporation operates two large refineries of the country located in Kochi and Mumbai. The company is India's 2nd largest downstream oil company and is ranked 275th on the Fortune list of the world's biggest corporations as of 2019.

Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited proposed to lay two underground Pipelines for transporting MS and HSD from ECI to MLT 2, which are received through ocean tanker at Ennore. The project envisages construction of appx. 8.9 km long 24” dia seamless pipeline. Product unloading is done through tanker pump to ERRPL exchange pit via 2 x 24” pipelines. It is later transported from ETTPL Exchange pit to BPCL Ennore Coastal installation exchange pit through 2 x 24” pipeline, and then to respective storage tanks. Flow will be restricted to 2100 kl/h for HSD and 2000 kl/h for MS. Proposed pipeline is to be made of carbon steel having thickness of 9.54mm and Roughness of around 35-40 microns (As per PNGRB). Battery limit pressure and temperature to be around 11kg/cm2G and 40 degC. Pipeline will be provided with 3 LPE External coating and MOV’s. One pipeline for transporting of ATF has also been proposed for future on the same route.

The quantitative risk assessment for the pipelines were done and as per the study additional risk control measures required for the pipeline were recommended.

Aerial Snapshot from ECI to ERS
Aerial Snapshot from ECI to ERS
Aerial Snapshot from ERS to MLT 2
Aerial Snapshot from ERS to MLT 2

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