Quantitative Risk Assessment for Bio Refinery Product Tankage and Cooling Tower in NRMT

A Joint Venture (JV) Company Assam Bio-Refinery Pvt. Ltd. (ABRPL) was incorporated in on 4th June, 2018 with equity participation of 50% by NRL, 28% by M/s Fortum 3BV, Netherlands and 22% by M/s Chempolis Oy, Finland.

8 Nos. of Bio Refinery Storage tanks (2 Nos. of Ethanol Tanks, 2 Nos. of Furfural Tanks, 2 Nos. of Acetic acid tanks and 2 Nos. of Off spec tanks) are to be installed in NRMT premises. After performing quantity and quality check of ethanol, acetic acid, furfural these products will be unloaded in respective product Tanks in NRMT premises.  Additionally, one cooling water treatment plant (5+1 CELLS, total 20000m3/hr. capacity), Truck loading gantry and pump house for the products will also be installed in NRMT region.

The scope of the project consists of performing Quantitative Risk Assessment study for the proposed Bio-refinery storage tanks, one cooling water treatment plant, Truck loading gantry and pump house for the products.