Quantitative Risk Assessment For Al Mamoura Petrol Station, Qatar Fuel (WOQOD)

Qatar Fuel (WOQOD) has awarded Applus+ VELOSI a contract to carry out Quantitative Risk Assessment for a new fuel station – Al Mamoura. Method Statements have been issued by Applus+ VELOSI and accepted by WOQOD for the completion of the safety study.

Quantitative Risk Analysis (RA) study includes,

  1. Identification of Hazards using ETA/FTA for identifying Loss of Containment scenarios, risk prone areas, various failure modes, etc
  2. Assessment of risk arising from the hazards and consideration of its tolerability to personnel, facility and the environment which includes the following
  3. Calculation of physical effects of accidental scenarios, which includes frequency analysis for incident scenarios leading to hazards to people and facilities (flammable gas, fire, and smoke, explosion overpressure and toxic gas hazards), assessing Probability of failure of tanks, piping& other equipments, etc as per internationally accepted database & and consequence analysis for the identified hazards covering impact on people and potential escalation.
  4. Damage limits identification and quantification of the risks and contour mapping on the layouts.
  5. Individual risk quantification and contour mapping.
  6. Societal risk quantification and contour mapping
  7. Evaluation of risk against the risk acceptable limits
  8. Hazard Risk mitigation measures & recommendations to prevent incidents, to control accidents.

The objective of the project was to assess the risk associated with the offloading, storage and dispensing of Petrol and Diesel (hazardous materials on site).

The Al Mamoura Petrol station includes the following:

  • Premium (91)/Super (95) Gasoline and Diesel Road Tankers and Offloading Area
  • Premium (91)/Super (95) Gasoline and Diesel storage tanks with all necessary fitting and piping work;
  • Under Ground Storage Tank Submersible Pump (Red Jacket Pump) and
  • Fuel Court and High-Speed Diesel Dispensers