HAZOP study at IOCL- Lucknow Terminal

To cater to the demand for petroleum products in the nearby districts of UP, M/s IOCL has set up the Amausi POL Terminal at Lucknow in the state of UP.

The facility is utilized for the receipt of petroleum products through Pipelines, Rail wagons, Ethanol and receives Biodiesel through Tank Trucks (TTs) & Rail wagons. It is also utilized for the storage and dispatch of MS, SKO, ATF, HSD and Biodiesel by Road Tankers.

Conducted Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) study for the IOCL Lucknow Terminal. This study covers the different areas, components and equipment associated with this facility and process description alone.

The main objective of the HAZOP study is to aid in managing project risks through early identification of hazards & operability problems and to reduce the probability and consequences of an incident that would have a detrimental impact on living, assets and the environment.

The Objectives of HAZOP are as follows:

  1. Identify the hazards inherent to the facility/process.
  2. Identify the credible manual with/or equipment instrument failures likely to lead to accident scenarios/hazards/operability problems.
  3. Qualitatively assess the risk (L/M/H/S) and provide recommendations to prevent/overcome the hazards if required.
  4. In addition to these issues, HAZOP occasionally identifies items that could improve unit operations and the efficiency of the process.